Louisa Minor

Vulnerable Waters:

The lagoon is a unique ecosystem, intrinsic to Venetian life. Over the Anthropocene, it has been impacted by consumer driven impulses. Inlet modification, shrinking of salt marshes and loss of biodiversity have become an increasing concern. Waste has become difficult to manage, allowing plastics and pollutants into the waterways.

Restoring the lagoon morphology is a key objective of the Research and Recreation Facility, using data rooms and interactive education to give insight to the plastic pollution crisis. A mobile circular research facility also drifts through the lagoon, with detachable research pods to carry passengers for hands on education.

The plastic recovery facility focuses on plastic accumulation and water health, adapting purification methods and allowing observation from mobile research pods. Plastic waste is gathered and returned to base through collection devices that float independently. Waste unable to be recycled is taken to an offsite Waste-to-energy plant. Recyclable plastics are sorted, cleaned, shredded and extruded. Onsite designers then develop waste into useable plastic products.

A bike and pedestrian path begins at Marco Polo airport through the site and beyond to San Guiliano Park. The winding walkway sits raised above the marsh, adapting to fluctuating water levels and leaving the existing landscape untouched. A series of lidos float on the lagoon, using hydro-botanic purification methods.

The Reading Room is an informal education space designed for younger visitors. Upon entry, lenses visualise stages of excess and pollution. These portals provide the foundation for the journey through the site. Concealed memory rooms consist of three interlocked spaces; time before the Anthropocene; current pollution state; and a projection of future worlds. The final fragility space sits suspended below a moving walkway to represent the ocean’s fragile state and will tremble depending on the occupants activity above.

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