Lyell Lampero

Connect responds to the suburban tradition and residential developments. It bridges the living, working, recreational and leisure interacting actively and activating each other. It aims to fuse the different ages, backgrounds, and ethnicity into a sustainable environment.

The design intends bridge in multiple ways. The horizontal aspect connects the surburban Creslin terrace and the commercial Anzac highway. A river runs from the north-east side to the south-west corner of the site weaving to the suburban context of Creslin Terrace to the commercial context of the Anzac Highway. It is activated through the use of the river where it acts as the spine connecting people across the site weaving in between Creslin Terrace and Anzac Highway.

Its vertical aspect connects the programs. Similar to the river, the commercial spaces and the different types of dwellings weave vertically. These spaces are melded blurring the tradition of stacking programs and the separation of the commercial and residential. There is a mix of 1 storey dwellings and 2 storey dwellings. This allows for more dynamic access of different views and for outdoor spaces. Similarly, the site plays with different levels creating a dynamic circulation across the site and view opportunities while absorbing the sound of traffic emanating from Anzac Highway.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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