Madeline Goldsmith

A farm in the marshes
A proposal for slow food infrastructure on the Island of Sant ’Erasmo. Benefiting the local network of small farms and alternative tourism on the northern shores the lagoon.

The peripheral islands of Venice display ethereal marshy landscapes and agricultural traditions of small market gardens. This project responds to its context with the agency of nourishment and care towards living on damaged land. Looking at how slow food infrastructure can encourage an integrated system of biodiverse ecologies and food production on the northern edge of Sant ’Erasmo. An approach of the revitalisation of place through identity and cultural practices of growing and eating food. The architectural interventions are driven by the Slow food movement and Cittaslow organisations which encourage belonging and connecting to place through food. The five architectural interventions are driven by the twelve design tactics of Permaculture. A wetland watch tower, to observe and interact with the wetland and to gaze over the ancient islands of the lagoon. A seed saving facility, for the collection, processing and local distribution of seeds for food production and marshland re-generation. A greenhouse, for the germination and sapling growth. Produce baths, connecting farms with the commons, an infrastructure for washing, packing and storing produce, a flexible marketplace for tourists and long lunch table for the locals. Osteria Carciofi, a slow food restaurant celebrating the purple artichokes where the dining spaces and kitchen work off a central hearth, surrounded by the armoured walls of the 19C Napoleonic fort.
On reflection this project has been a reminder to slow down and focus on my internal design practices and situated knowledges of growing up in the first Cittaslow town in Australia. I have had fun this year experimenting with different modes of representation and making sure I enjoy the everyday practices of creating.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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