Marc Gagliardi

Olympus One

Olympus Mons, Mars. A desolate, cold world that humanity plans to claim by the 21st century. We need to shield them from low pressure, radiation and extreme temperatures. We must give them air, energy and food. We must create a habitat that will sustain an earth like environment inside.

Architecture must not only shield from the outside environment, but provide, process and encompass our natural world. The multifunctional structure should shield you from the outside environment, process C02, produce oxygen and purify water.

The design is based around an underground system with a greenhouse like zone above ground encompassing aquaponics. The solar ETFE is coupled with an outer layer of aerogel 2 centimetres in thickness which blocks harmful solar radiation and greatly increases the internal temperature. We then have to be able to provide water and oxygen, the Moxie system works similar to a tree sucking in carbon dioxide and pumping out oxygen into the protected zone while creating a pressurised internal system and finally the Waver system draws in water vapour from the atmosphere and distributes water into the system. A major part of the project is the continuous movement of water evident in the flowing water through the centre of the project below and the water membrane 1 metre deep protecting against radiation to the spaces beneath, also allowing natural light into the underground region. The protective shield layer used in spacesuits protects the internal zones. Above all the imperative part of the scheme, is the architecture that will maintain our wellbeing. As a result of the harsh conditions on Mars, Olympus One is a fully integrated organism living off the unique climate in ways that are not possible on earth.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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