Megan Lawrence

The Museum of Aboriginal Truth-telling (M.A.T) is a venue dedicated to education and acknowledgment of the experiences of the stolen generations. The intention of this project was to investigate whether “immersive experiences can reconcile traditional notions of the museum and engagement with indigenous histories and contemporary indigenous cultures?”. 

Development of the concept- in which stories and recollections of survivors from the stolen generations are depicted within interactive pods - provides a platform for aboriginal truths to be told. Justifiably First Nations People may have an aversion to museum spaces due to the display of stolen artefacts and remains from ancestral lands and the misconstrued stories of colonisers. The M.A.T project provides an opportunity for Aboriginal people to tell their own stories, with sensitivity and cultural appropriateness, in a dedicated contemporary space. Initially the site will expose the experiences of the survivors of the Cootamundra Aboriginal Girls Home, with adaptability for future exhibitions to express similar ordeals.

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