Michael Martino

a personal reflection on agency.

Mortality is heightened when something we are attached to is coming to an end. This attachment carries a moment of realisation about how little power we have over the situation, looking on, reminiscing, taking for granted what we have until it is too late. Destruction of our earth is happening before our very eyes, the planet we all call home, has been poisoned by those who nest in its forbearing arms. Change now is sorely needed to create an alternative future where the contemporary meaning of climate change becomes ephemeral; defining the effects of a healing world, not one that wears a mask of beauty and complicity bestowed upon a face of destruction. With this we call for a home for a governing facility that protects one of the most fragile, and expansive systems on this planet. Preventing continuing ocean destruction. A crown for the queen of the Adriatic that will rest proudly on her head for now, and through to a time where future generations reflect on a past where the ephemerality of our home was an issue of now, not then.

What is Contro Tempo?

A home for a governing facility that protects one of the most fragile and expansive ecosystems on our planet. A hive of conversation through exhibition, research, reuse, and educating. A forever home to protect our planet’s most biodiverse resource.
Threshold fluidity in designing spaces for users of the governing institution that provide transparency and fluidity to the public realm.

Intervention of site with complementing and juxtaposing materials to both be sympathetic to the existing site yet highlight agency intervention.

Fragmenting through floor datums and splitting program on existing site to enhance movement through site areas and promote collaboration.

Degradation of façade elements to frame views outward.

Temporality & permanence expressed through materiality, purposefully designed to weather through time to signify the permanence of the institution.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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