Milad Nahravani

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in 2019 approximately three million Syrian refugees fled Syria and crossed over to the border provinces of Turkey. One of these close by town is the city of Goreme a territory of Capadocia, which has a significant historical past of being a refugee city, as Christians during the Roman empire had dug underground caves to hide; and use as holy spaces like churches or even as areas of living and working.

Considering this background, it makes it a suitable site to develop as refugee housing. As current situation around 74% of these refugees are unwillingly displaced into refugee camps, which predominantly entails living in tent structured houses without any means of income or any set projection for the future. This project recognizes that refugees tremendous past experiences and the issues with coming from a war torn country. For this reason, the project will undertakes a systematic approach to create a model for refugee housing, that will instill opportunities beyond the need for housing - i.e. pursuing the ambition to manifest social hope, personal achievement and giving back dignity to inhabitants.

With a mission to devise a space that promotes social; the following three aspects are considered in its outcomes; goals, agency and pathways. This is done by segregation of the site into two aspects of, a densified housing complex and a sustainable mycelium factory, which creates building modules and prefabricated wall panels that allows the opportunity for the refugees to create their own personalized housing. Therefore allowing for a more fluid and organic development of the site, and to foster the creation moments and spaces that can be turn into infill bazzar stand spaces. Fundamentally, this project this project would not be a one fit all social and economical solution to the refugee problem but rather a model example for social and economical relieve for other countries.

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