Mimi Lalrinpuii

Le Chien Café is for the Guide Dog Organisation in SA it is inspiration from the work of internationally acclaimed French designer Phillipe Stark.
At the centre of this contemporary French Glasshouse design, there is a large statue of a Guide Dog to remind visitors of the real importance of this new mutli-purpose meeting place.
The use of curtains and pendant lights all over the Glasshouse structure along with the Guide Dog’s blue colour theme creates a welcoming dining space where everyone can feel welcome and connect-ed.
Braille panels are located at hand height along the walls to integrate touch and voice activated sensors that are connected to stereo speakers. This function aids the vision impaired visitors to easily navigate the area and obtain useful and timely information such as their location and directions to all areas of the facility.
The use of Brass, Steel and Glass helps maintains the cleanliness of this high-tech facility.
The Phillipe Stark inspired French Glasshouse design is constructed from primarily two major com-ponents that being Glass and Steel. The highly polished brass frame finish acts as the supporting structure to suspend the glass panels above and around the light filled Le Chien Café.
The modern state of art Veterinary Clinics are closely connected with Le Chien Café. The Clinics are designed to conduct regular health checks for the Guide Dogs as well as providing First Class Special-ist Veterinary facilities for all types of dog owners, therefore it creates a totally new and supplementary revenue stream for Guide Dogs SA. Also located close to the Café and Clinics is a Dog grooming facili-ty that helps to maintain the health and cleanliness of all types of dogs. It includes a pet food store that specialises in the provision of high quality pet food along with dietary advice and counselling services for all types of dog and their owners.

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