Mirella Di Cesare

Not all monsters are frightening, some are friendly. Suburban monsters hope to combine multiple housing typologies into one medium density scheme, creating a rich place to live. In 2045+ Adelaide’s population is predicted to increase to 1.9 million, it is currently 1.3 million. Delta located in Plympton and Camden Park on ANZAC Highway, hopes to create a model to increase housing density in suburban Adelaide. To fight the low-density urban sprawl, that has been used as a current typology for population growth.

It is predicted that the urban corridors that surround the site will become densified and built up, reacting to this Delta hopes to connect and interact from ANZAC Highway through to Creslin Terrace through an interweaved approach of greenspace and water programming. The site will rise from its current low density to medium density through insertions on the ‘classic Australian block’ The loss of the backyard, as we know will be mitigated by green public squares. Delta acts as point between the city and Glenelg. It is well serviced by public transport and the location and amenities allows the residents to live a car free life, in the Delta suburb.

The single storey small villas are one-bedroom homes, for couples, retirees or a sole occupant. The big villa is a traditional housing typology aimed at families; the typology is stacked. The three-story townhouse is set across three levels. One townhouse features a bike shop for residents to purchase and repair their bikes. Connecting them to the city and beach, through the bike path located in the easement at the back of the site.The apartment features a cafe which flows out on the colonnade. The top floor features a rooftop bar and a vegetable garden for the residents of the site.

Through combing multiple housing typologies and creating green public squares delta hopes to create a rich place for a wide demographic of people to live.

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