Mollie Kilgariff

Sakana Canteen and The Book Garden

Looking at the many interiors by Sue Carr, the main things that stood out to me from her designs was a focus on materiality and creating a sense of refined luxury. The way the materials speak to each other and play off one another creates cohesiveness, ultimately creating serene spaces in which the user would feel privileged to experience. In creating my collage for Design Studio Research, I wanted to echo this notion of a refined form, by creating a shape that flowed seamlessly from top to bottom.

To move the shapes of the collage forward into the design of my canteen, I extracted the vertical grid, pulling it out and using it as an overall idea to inform my design of the canteen and bookstore. The vertical grid demonstrates a lot of Carr’s design principles in that it creates a clear structure from which elements of my design can align with.

Similarly, I wanted to explore Japanese design as I felt it shared a lot of similarities with Carr’s work – minimalism, simplicity, and restraint. In order for these ideas to come together, I focused on using beautiful materials such as marble and brass to elevate the design and create a sense of luxury.

My canteen, “Sakana”, is Japanese themed and offers food such as sushi, tempura, sashimi, and ramen. The name “Sakana” is the Japanese word for fish, so it further ties back to both the food and the overall design idea. For my second space I have created a book store; “The Book Garden”. The concept behind this is that with every book sold, proceeds would be donated back to the World Wildlife Fund, my chosen organisation, so it can continue to grow and give back to those that need it.

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