Olivia Kitson

The island of Burano is most well-known for it’s colourful housing, used as way-finding devices for fishermen returning home. It is on this island composer Baldassare Galuppi (1706-1785) was born, an opera composer and, today, namesake of a large piazza on Burano. Few instances exist whereby race, age, gender, background excludes one from music, from the act of playing, from listening or sharing. Therefore, making the site well poised to provide framework for Vivere Bene (Live Well) to sit. Addressing the 17th Venice Biennale theme of “How will we live together?”, Vivere Bene aims to provide example for residential living in the Venetian context. Considering ways through which program, both existing and new, can be integrated into the built fabric of the island for the promotion of inter-generational connection and community longevity.

Combining cooking classes, with garden workshops and residences. Dwellings range from economy focused to accessible and flexible focussed configurations, with consideration for the division and connection of apartments to form a total of either 11 or 13 dwellings on the site, depending on their use. Positioned around a central open space, a place for incidental encounters whilst circulating or organised social opportunity. Integrating and considering the urban realm as a holistic element within the design process, strengthening well being and community.

Whilst sitting across the Piazza, the public link. The Galuppi Music Hub, where residents and the wider community alike can engage, experience, and connect through music. Providing opportunity for people, whoever they are, to learn, practice, teach and perform.

Through this I hope you see a desire to better the places in which we live, to test the way in which we use space over time. And a belief that urban and social regard needs to sit interconnectedly in the consideration of built form.

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