Oscar Tobin

Conflux – the word means “a coming together or flowing together” – in reference to water it is “the place where rivers merge”.

The proposal builds on this metaphor of flowing together in its approach to connecting public and private space – and its linking of natural and built environment. Conflux seeks to reconnect people with their context – both with nature and with their community – in order to achieve an increased density in the suburbs, while still providing and improving upon many of the positive aspects of suburban lifestyle.

The Conflux itself takes the form of an elevated natural landscaped bridge – it sits above the public space, overlooking the splash-scape and green space. The splash-cape is a naturally filtered freshwater pool, located along the central longitudinal axis of the site, it acts as community space for use by the broader public, providing an increased connection to nature, which is lacking in Camden Park and in suburbia generally.

The dwellings above the Conflux are a complex mixture of dwelling types, the modules are made up of 5 x 5m modules, the amount of modules required for each dwelling is customised based on the needs of the occupant(s), in order to minimize wasted space. These modules also allow for growth, as the population continues to grow – so can the dwellings – more modular dwellings can be layered vertically.

Each dwelling also includes an outdoor space, – retaining this positive aspect from suburbia. The stacking and tessellating of these modular dwellings, creates a diverse mix of demographics, encouraging interaction and community, rather than the social isolation and stratification that is common in the suburbs.

This proposal aims to create a new model for medium density housing in the suburbs for 2045 onwards, which through careful consideration of the thresholds between built and natural environment – promotes housing that prioritizes principles of social connection, sustainability, diversity and quality of life.  

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