Pak Lun (Parco) Fung


The river refers to the residents as water moving through the complex, with the breakout spaces being where residents are encouraged to gather, as well as the building filtering water back into the water play area.

This scheme is located in Plympton, SA in the year 2045 and aims to tackle loneliness within society. With advances in technology, we can expect to see the opportunities of human interaction drastically decrease, which is the core problem posed for the future of Plympton. The need for human interaction is vital for humans to function in society, therefore this scheme maximises the points of interaction within the housing complex to build a healthy community. Research shows that the population in Plympton is projected to be an aging population by 2045. There are 3 types of dwellings, targeting 3 different age groups. From small families to students and elderly co-housing. The dwellings are connected by a central corridor with community breakout spaces in between. The dwellings all have their own balcony which overlooks the green strip.

The public offerings include a community kitchen located on the ground floor, which encourages the elderly and retirees to run the kitchen in the day, by allowing opportunities like this within the community we hope to encourage the development of a community that feels welcoming. Other offerings include the walkable green roof and community garden, which produces produce for the community kitchen and allows children to connect with the food that they eat.

Drawing from the water cycle, the green roof also acts as a large storm water catchment and plays a part in filtering the water and removing pollutants such as nitrogen commonly found in storm water. The water filtered is then fed back into the water play area on the green strip. The water is covered by toughened laminated glass which prevents the need for bridge connections over the water as well as maximising the useable space in the community courtyard.

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