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Creative Platform needs a certain density of activities to bring together as human beings who yearn to connect with one another across real world. This needs a social and cultural equipment which will act as a catalyst to find solutions of pressing issues and to view Venice in new light.
The project offers research – based residency in Venice. The prominent global artists can apply for residency program, to present their works, & to live for an extended period of time as writers / artists in residence.
Depending on the nature of work, the stay may vary from two weeks to six months. The Program caters the needs of writers, architects, musician, painters & artists. Seminars, talks and hands on demonstrations will be organized too.

Key Ideas: 
To provide a dedicated platform for a creative dialogue to a diverse range of protagonists.
Mutual benefit and enrichment of local creative culture.
Overtime presents Venice in a new light and creating new stories that shapes Venetian identify.

The Project Creates a drama of spaces. The building angles provides different vantage points and creates a sense of journey and destination. Facades creates a play of lights for different creative mediums.

Dedicated spaces for different creative exercise with terraces attached, which encourage cross functional talks. The soft approach to different surrounding elements, weather its green or blue.

Researches Shows that our mental space is proportional to our perception of physical space. Therefore, the pods are proposed in different locations in the city.

Type -1 is for Musician which is placed on water, the harmony produced by waves will help the musician to remain in divergent thinking.

Type -2 is designed for the writer. This is placed in the city but is elevated high. The expensive sense of surround space will act as catalyst to generate new ideas.

Type -3 is designed for the architect. It is placed in the city heart, creating a private space within public environment.

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