Peter Parente

In what has been an unprecedented year, not only for the world, it’s environment, it’s economy and it’s people, I found solace in interrogating and developing my final University studio project. It has ultimately evolved into three key components: Sora Manego, Inesplorato and the Urban Catalyst. Together, they complement each other through their programming and integration throughout the historically and contextually rich site of the Arsenale. 

Terra Acqua // Sora Manego, translated to “A know how that can’t be found in books” is a common phrase used by Venetian boat builders to describe the intricacy of their trade. The project was a direct response to the sharp decline in the Venetian artisanal trade of boat building. Many adolescents are breaking the mould of family boat building tradition in search for alternative work. To combat this issue, a Venetian boat museum and contemporary workshop aim to didactically present the craft to the public, while respecting the traditional lineage that has been forged over hundreds of years. Key conceptual foci such as Introvert + Extrovert, Threshold, Scale, Spatial Narrative, Tactility, Metaphoric Vernacular and Visual Contextual Connection form the basis of the formal and internal composition.

Reading Room // Inesplorato, or Uncharted in English, is a tight knit community of like-minded research-based designers and craftspeople who seek to travel into the unknown and speculate the future of Venetian Boating. This scheme proposes a heavy counterpoint to that of the primary scheme, how can 21st century technology adapt into such a traditionally rich concept? As an adaptive reuse project, a Studio, Small-scale workshop, Collaboration, Athenium and breakout space work in harmony throughout the tight constrictions of the existing munitions bunker. Key design elements such as external subtraction, staggered floor plates and a red linen wall covering create a juxtaposing experience to the bold and abrasive bunker shell.

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