Pratyush Munjal

The Rhodes Peninsula is situated on the southern bank of the Parramatta River between Brays Bay and Homebush Bay and enjoys an extensive foreshore with fantastic views across the river and km east to the Sydney CBD.

Various quality open spaces and a continuous publicly available foreshore has been delivered by the recent development of Rhodes West. The Rhodes Social Development Centre aims to provide a comprehensive development vision for the public domain that completes Rhodes West's open space networks, preserves the existing characteristics of the place, and creates a distinctive identity for the district of Rhodes East.

The Social Development Centre features the seafront as a front door while respecting the industrial history of the site. Open spaces act as a buffer zone to the neighbourhood improving biodiversity, ecological restoration. It enhances opportunities for habitat corridors while spreading environmental awareness.

Connections throughout the site support several different users. The foreshore area consists of a kayak club, barbeque areas, uniquely designed various viewing points for the neighbourhood ensured the public access and re-arrangement of the seafront as part of the public sphere. Proposed build spaces focusing on art, leisure, culture, sports as well as education encourages the social development and engagement of the site. This combination of built and open activities increases the potential of the site to become a landmark that orient tourists and people, seen from a waterscape and other points of the site.

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