Reem Daou

An estuary is a body of water connecting the river and the sea.
The estuary is the most productive ecosystem on Earth. Within an estuary, diverse species nurture their young and biologically morphs over time to create unique habitats for the survival of its biodiversity. 

1/ A Nurturing Community
The key concept behind this design is creating a variety of nurturing spaces and places, using the metaphor of estuary, to help the self-actualisation and development of people grow into the becoming aging population of Camden Park.
The Estuarial Aquatics Hub, in the centre of the site, holds water-based programs and functions for all ages. Locals, visitors, families, community groups, schools and businesses can use the centre for team-based or leisurely activities such as paddle-boarding, canoeing, rafting and bridge making. They can also visit the outdoor café adjunct to the EAH and enjoy a cup of coffee surrounded by nature.

2/ Biodiversity: Multi-Use and Diverse Place
The focus of this project is the multi-generational 3 level semi-detached homes. The design of these homes replicates an estuary in that light enters from above and what lives in the estuary is protected by its walls. There are clear entrances, exits and buffers within the home architecture like an estuary’s connection with the ocean and the sea. The external skin is a cool deep blue Colourbond steel, framed by accents of blue gum. The interior walls juxtapose this by introducing blue gum as a main wall material paired with clean white walls, creating warmth and simplicity. The multi-level, multigenerational home motivates the dwellers to move around and use all of the spaces that it creates. By increasing shared spaces, they become entertainment and relaxation areas which promote hospitality and strengthens the relationships within the home.

The goal for 2045+ is about strengthening relationships, diversifying lives and creating places for comfort and happiness.

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