Rhianna Grime

Meaning ‘raised’ in French élevé is a canteen and Braille library serving French inspired vegan food. The dining space functions as a canteen for the adjoining Guide Dogs SA offices and also as a public eatery. Élevé library is run by Guide Dogs SA and provides a space for vision impaired people to find books and read, write or listen.

Élevé is a space where the design principles of John Pawson, the design ethics of Guide Dogs South Australia and the design intent of Rhianna Grime are brought together. Using minimalist design values the design utilises a single tectonic device of ‘folding’. This fold is then rearranged in various ways to develop a series of spaces where people are encapsulated and encouraged to pause and engage with the space.

Guide Dogs South Australia provides support dogs for visually impaired people. Their design ethics revolve around inclusive design and encouraging accessible spaces. On a broad scale this is reflected in the design through appropriate circulation, accessibility and inclusive w/c design. More specific design research was conducted into how blind and visually impaired people interact with spaces. When considering a lighting plan for this space it was important to ensure that a lot of the lighting could be customised to ensure the most comfortable environment for blind and visually impaired people.

Many visually impaired people see spaces in light, dark and shadows. The palette of this space references this experience using neutral tones with a dark base. Whilst this references the renowned minimalism of Pawson, the refined palette also aims to give all users a similar experience of the space.

Élevé’s primary goals are to create a space where all are welcome and comfortable, a space where people can expand their understanding and knowledge and a place where immersive and intimate spaces enhance the experience of good food.

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