Roshanara Wijesinghe

Buddhism uses meditation as a way to achieve enlightenment. Instead of seeking a
connection with a deity or seeking the cause of “what is,” Buddhists approach the
human condition in a straightforward way based on observation.
Most of life is defined by pain and suffering. Those, unfortunately, are the driving forces behind much of what we do (avoiding pain and suffering, and willingly or not inflicting it on others). We feel separate and create the concept of “others.” And we deal with the world by creating illusory mental images that form our unique versions of reality.
There are many things in life that are beyond our control. However, it is possible to take responsibility for our own states of mind – and to change them for the better. According to Buddhism this is the most important thing we can do, and Buddhism teaches that it is the only real antidote to our own personal sorrows, and to the anxieties, fears, hatreds, and general confusions that beset the human condition.
Proposed meditation retreat design for South Australia inspired from the environment of practice in Buddhist meditation.

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