Ryan Herbst

Palazzo per il popolo e le masse is the culmination of personal, academic and architectural interrogation resulting in a peninsular beacon in the heat of Venice’s residential quarters. A response to the dehabitation of Venice, Palazzo per il popolo e le masse combats the amenity issues Venetians face. It provides a social, Cultural and commercial hub centered on the Venetian local.

The two fundamental tenants of Venetian growth, trade and artisan craft are re-imagined in a contemporary complex.

Long gone, the power of the Venetian lagoon eroded by its own lure. Once the preeminent mercantile destination now overrun with tourists. “di disturbo” the hit and run visitors who, leave as quickly as they came infest the streets leaving locals to inhabit the fringes of their city.

The Palazo will become a barge floating atop these tourists. A home for Venetian’s which encourages the crafts that developed Venice into “La Serenissima.”

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