Sarah Vandermyle

Epoch; meaning a particular period of time in history or a person’s life.

Located on Solomon street, Adelaide this canteen provided by UNESCO world heritage, serves the finest of traditional Australian food.

The design was inspired by Paul Hecker’s philosophy and the concept that developed from a series of research of his work and the Adelaide Parklands being South Australia’s world heritage listing.

Focused on the gird layout from the City of Adelaide and the relationship it has with Paul Hecker using lots of tiles in many of his designs and the pattern of his favourite fashion brand, Burberry, I found an idea using folding and stripping. These folds became the big appreciation into my interior space as it became a structural element dividing up space between walkways and the dining area. The element is made up of steel posts and beams creating a box like structure and is powder coated blue (representing UNESCO branding), teal (representing the Adelaide Parklands) and bronze (representing heritage). These posts are held together by polished brass steel which then creates a grid pattern outcome. The fabric chosen for the seating is a textile print of the native Australian gum tree. I decided to incorporate this into my design because it helps Relate back to the Adelaide parklands and my organisation focus in local heritage.

For the secondary space, I
selected to have a gallery/ museum that showcases South Australia’s top heritage sites providing visitors learning opportunities about the legacies around Adelaide. This helps encourage people to donate to UNESCO’s world heritage fund for Australia. Locals and tourists can enjoy getting into the Australian culture at Epoch.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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