Shelby McEvoy

Honours 2020 Project:
Regenerate Homeless Shelter

There needs to be more done to give people pathways out of homelessness and to help them exit homelessness altogether. Housing affordability is widely acknowledged as being at a historic low and waiting lists for public and other types of social housing are long. Giving people a pathway out of homelessness is about linking people to the support they truly need in order to address the real reasons into how and why they have become homeless in the first place, it’s about getting to the root of the problem.

“Regenerate,” is a place for homeless, troubled youths to rebuild their lives and escape homelessness forever.

This homeless shelter is not a stereotypical ‘one night’ stay type of shelter, but much rather a shelter that offers a place for the youths to stay for a years time. It not only offers a room to sleep in but also offers therapy and workshops that will help gain back daily life skills. These skills including maths, english, and nutrition which will help gain back knowledge in order to help them with a job when they exit the shelter. “Regenerate,” is a community within a community. A small shelter with big opportunities and a place where friendships can be made that will last a lifetime, and a place where healing can be healed.
Revive. Restore, Refresh.

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