Sheli Sverdlov

Cape and Cove/
Inspired by the physical formality and the definition of a Cape, which is a dramatic land form of a large size that extends into the ocean and a Cove being a small sheltered Bay that is created by the erosion of water. The concept enforces the idea of looking beyond whilst also being sheltered within. Situated in between Camden and Plympton Park, the proposed design for 2045+ suburbia is intended to be self-sufficient and an interactive communal space that is driven by the people that inhabit the area. Therefore, the spatial identity of Cape and Cove is designed to incorporate different types of residential densities that engage with on another systematically. Cape and Cove also incorporates retail/ business district and interactive green community run spaces within and around each program to maintain easy accessibility to the outdoors and allow for physical interactions to happen.

Absence + Presence/
Absence and Presence is the concept for the Australian space agency which is inspired by the underlying idea of space being the absence of anything physical that is filled by matter and energy moving through it. The form and the overall design follow the concept of presence being the physical spaces and absence being the subtraction between each building that creates open passageways for one to go in, out and to a chosen space.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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