Subook Samridhi

Still time is the final stage of flow. Flow is thematic expression encapsulating spatial and metamorphic qualities of the flowing river where in the journey of time and water goes through the transition from constant heavy flow to still, serene and motionless, a place to immerse oneself, for the entire site. Where in, still time is the representation of the part of site chosen. It has achieved through the tectonic of frames views for skylight and opening, enabling natural light while providing privacy. An inclusion of nature has been attempted but extending it to the indoor instead of only restricting it to the outdoors. Through the use of still water enables self-reflection, while concrete forces contemplation, at the same time timber adds the warm feeling of home. Still time is designed in accordance with 2045, where flexible housing will be a must along with the provision for community spaces. Community garden, along with community kitchen and laundry enables residents to interact and maintain a healthy lifestyle while doing chores. The overall topography gradually rises and blends providing access, maintaining privacy and creating a rejuvenating environment.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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