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Pamukkale Visirot Centre & Prescinct

The Pamukkale’s white calcium travertines are in the Turkish inland province of Denizli at the nearby spa town of Hierapolis. The rich calcium bicarbonate flows over the edge of the mountain cliff, which cools and hardens leaving white-coloured calcium deposits and mineral-rich water. Pamukkale attracts more than 2 million visitors each due to the spectacular natural characteristics of the site. The location was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988. Undertaking research of the site context and analysis, the proposed project further develops the site into a complete tourist precinct. The design is inspired by the natural forms of the travertines and the ripple effects of the pool.

Visiting tourist will be lead past the reception towards to the Observation Tower. Walking up the ramp, the sound of water can be heard from the waterfall inside the core of the tower. Pocket viewing portals allow visibility at various locations along the journey to the top. The sweeping ramp is designed to allow anyone with accessibility impairments the opportunity to access panoramic view of the travertine terrace and the precinct.

The proposed development includes a private prayer room which features an ornate in-situ concrete roof derived from the imagery of water ripples and large oculus, representing time, and providing natural moving light.
The precinct will also provide a large public offering with numerous activities for a full day experience, like Café, Kid Park, Picnic Area with landscape.

An underground entrance is used to access the Education Centre, Souvenir Shop, and a large, glazed lookout through to the lower level of Function Centre. Level 1 is used for private functions, with incredible views of the whole precinct. This project will provide a new offering for tourists but also preserving the unique characteristic of the world heritage site – Travertine Terrace.

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