Thomas Milochis

Dalla Terra, translating to ‘From the Land’, is an agricultural research facility that has the infrastructure required to conduct research related to agricultural activities in the field of physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology of plants, fungus, and microorganisms.

The site is part of a bigger area of environmental interest along the venetian lagoon, on the farm island of Sant’Erasmo. This island is the largest in the Venetian lagoon and is renowned as Venice's countryside, the agricultural zone which produces the fruit and vegetables consumed by the city. Despite its abundance of lush produce today, the island was severely damaged by the great flood that hit Venice in 1966, to which the salt water wiped out the island’s crops and made farming impossible for several years. This travesty posed the need for modern farming solutions; thus, Dalla Terra will work closely with the local farmers on the island to ensure efficient and reliable farming methods are used.

Due to the flat landscape of Sant’Erasmo, it is critical that the architecture is not imposed but rather becomes part of the territory. The project sets out to rethink the existing terrain into a new transformed landscape and discover a hidden morphology in the site through the activation of the current topography. Working on it emerged a series of folds and movements that have defined a landscape in which is recognized the former one.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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