Thomas Skidmore

Location: Bergamo, Italy

State of affairs: Recovering from the pandemic

Italy was the epicentre of the outbreak in Europe, most notably in northern city of Bergamo. ICU’s and hospitals were at capacity and families were trapped in their houses unable to visit loved ones whether they had the virus or not. The loss of life, seclusion between families and the medical facility crisis became the drivers of my project.

Located on the outskirts of Bergamo, this adaptable micro-village initially functions as an alternative care-site for low-acuity patients, who no longer require intensive-care, but are still required to isolate from their families – providing a transition between hospital and home. After the crisis, the village will transition to become a medically supported aged-care facility that shares its agricultural surrounds with local farming businesses.

There are 20 dual-residential suites on site that accommodate twenty patients and up to three family members in each adjacent suite. These divided suites allow patients to recover in a non-clinical, home-like environment, where their families can stay, interact, and socialise with them both indoors and outdoors, as they re-gain strength and well-being.

Once it transitions to an aged-care facility, the site will accommodate up to 40 residents and the projects core: the community hub, will come to life. The 3-levelled structure cantilevers over the stone perimeter, provides both vertical and horizontal access throughout the site.

In anticipation of a COVID-19 crisis event when the micro-village is housing numerous elderly residents, the medical wing has the equivalent number of ICU units that can accommodate residents who need high levels of care and medical support. HEPA air filtration systems create specialized negative pressure rooms, preventing airborne contamination, Antechambers for best practice cleaning, PPE and life support equipment.

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