Thuan Pham

 The design follows the system of a river, Its cycle. This is translated through the design by a constantly flowing body of river through the site that runs in a perpetual cycle. This cycle filters the grey water expelled from the building to a suitable level to be used for irrigation to save both water and money. This is important in Adelaide because water is not free, especially in Adelaide because of the rising water bills.

The flowing water uses gravity to move through the site where it will reach an end, an artificial small lake where it is pumped to the roof garden to continue its flow towards the roof farm above the car park using gravity as a driving force. Once reaching the roof farm it creates a waterfall, restarting the cycle while countering Anzac Highway noise pollution.
Aside from the body of flowing water, the elevated bike path situated 5.3m above ground level is also an attraction of the site because it not also provides a method of transportation that encourages walkability and shade for the path following the body of water. Walkability is encouraged as it allows for the residents within the area to have a safe and fast access to the tram located South by crossing the busy Anzac Highway and vice versa.

The water and cycling path are attractive however the specific area chosen to be detailed is health orientated, to illustrate this a gym, yoga class and Olympic swimming pool are within the designed area. The area is health orientated because it is seen as a starting point of the site where the body of water starts. This allows for those working their muscles to go for a walk on the path following the flowing water to relax their muscles then eventually return to the pool to cool down, since the path is perpetual. Furthermore, the roof farm allows for occupants to have a more practical form of exercising that involves both he elderly and young demographic to interact while providing a benefit to the community by selling farm produce.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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