Ting Weng


How can the nature of plants make changes to the future high-rise building?

In today’s city loop like Chicago, the urban centre is controlled by human daily activities. Chicago has all the large-scale landscape along the coastline. The proposed site is parallel to the coastline, which has opportunity to discovery unique building designs. This project is created to try to nudge people who are in this repetitive cycle of urban living, use of nature element in high-rise building to bring different experience with it urban cycle.

The project ‘home of nature’ takes the ideals of conservatory to be a part of the design in the building. Through the re-creation part of building, the conservatory is 22-meter tall, a route goes through the column and surround up the building to create a nature journey for the people inside the conservatory. next to this creative building is a doubled height residential tower, with a bridge connecting both parts. This body of creative and research is to investigate possible solution of changing the modern building into more sustainable and remarkable, with not just using green façade where people cannot experience with.

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