Yong Ning Gan

pizzo communità is a community hub with a focus on lace-making located in Burano. Burano has a rich history in lace-making, but it has insufficient areas for community gatherings, especially for elderly people who take up a large percentage of the total population. Thus, the elderly have become more isolated and marginalised over time during this era of modernisation and rapid progress.

pizzo communità aims to increase social engagement of the elderly and bring different age groups together by having different programs that suit everyone in one place. It has a number of accommodations above the community areas, particularly for the elderly people living alone in order to bring them together.

The forms and façade are generally influenced by lace patterns and merging them into the plan’s layout. Lace patterns have further influenced certain details such as the balustrade that is made up of cross-stitching on steel mesh. Curving elements are used throughout the buildings to represent the softness of lace. Overall, the materials use soft toned colours to enhance the welcoming and cosy sensation.

The community hub includes Lafe, a café, as the Reading Room project, which was specially designed to have elderly people as the only employees to increase their exposure to the outside world through providing working opportunities to them and raising their sense of self-worth.

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