Yovani Pillay

“& Again” Is A Community Living Space With A Focus On Slow Living And Sustainability. The Design Concept Was ‘bridging’ As A Starting Metaphor. The Term Bridging Can Be Related Metaphorically To Connecting People Together Or In A Literal Sense With It Being Physically Connecting Spaces. As Sustainability Refers To Creating Sustainable Environemts For The Future – Bridging Can Also Be Metaphoric For Connecting Building Designs Now To Be Applicable For The Future.

“& Again” Incorporates The Three Components Of Sustainability; Social, Economic And Environmental Factors.

The Main Concept Of “& Again” Is Reduce Reuse Recycle. With The Ongoing Issue Of Excess Landfill And Concerns With Waste Pollution There Is A Need To Be Cautious Of Unnecessary And Unsustainable Goods.

“& Again”, Hopes To Introduce And Implement The Idea Of Slow Living By Focusing On Meaningful And Intentional Aspects Of Life.

The Design Of “& Again” Works With Individual Building Typologies Stacked And Clustered Together To Create An Apartment Style Building. Some Of These Typologies Are Adaptable Which Can Be Interchangeably Used Together To Suit Consumer Needs.

Each Cluster Of Residential Buildings Share A Communal Bath House Which Is A Semiprivate Area To Sit, Contemplate And Reflect. This Goes Back To The Idea Of Taking Life Slowly And Thoughtfully.

“& Again” Uses A Grey Water Recycling System That Purifies The Water Before Being Distributed Through The Wetlands. The Vertical Community Garden Walls On The Site Are To Provide Privacy From Anzac Highway But Also Serves To Acoustically Block Out Sound. There Are Solar Panels On Rooftops To Have A Greener Source Of Energy.

“& Again” Encourages Occupants To Use Other Modes Of Transport Such As Cycling Instead Of Driving. To Support This There Are Bike Storage Facilities On Site. Car Parking Being In More Communal Areas Of The Site.

“& Again” Hopes To Create A Inclusive And Thoughtful Space With Multifunction’s To Suit The Needs Beyond 2045.

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