Zorawar Singh Basur

I believe that in addition to providing visual stimuli, architecture also responds to its users. As much as it defines its surroundings, it is also shaped by its end users.

Taiyuan has extremely rich resources and historical culture. It is also an important energy and heavy industry base in north china. In the process of urban development, the steel industry has always been the pillar industry in taiyuan, making a positive contribution to the promotion of urban development.

However, with the increase of urbanization, some industrial plants have been unable to meet the needs of modern cities and are causing high levels of pollution in the city. So much so that taiyuan was listed among one of ten most air polluted cities in the world.

The factory covers an area of 11478 sqm., measuring 187.22m across its length, width of 61.64m and a height of about 12m. The facade is dilapidated, indoor environment is poor, but the existing steel structure is well preserved.

'Rejuvenecer' is an attempt to replenish and renew the neighbourhood by creating public sports and healthcare facilities inside the existing factory unit and overlaying it with a network of paths which interlink the existing green network in the context.

To maintain the industrial essence and merge it with modern functionality, natural and locally sourced materials are used which give the structure a raw visual nature and provide a historic sensory experience.
On the other hand, bright colours are used for the pedestrian bridge in contrast to the factory below, to signify the ‘new’ future and provide exciting views for the surrounding high-rise towers.

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